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IMPORTANT NOTICE #1 Historical Information
1. The historical information presented in this manual and in the accompanying seminar is for historical purposes only.
References to people, organizations, professions, etc., are presented for the sole purpose of giving an accurate overall understanding of the prevailing viewpoints of particular groups, religions, denominations, and movements of the time periods referred to in the seminar.

2. Each participant is expected and required to make personal comparisons and decide for themselves which viewpoints to accept and endorse.

3. The material presented and its successful application is predicated upon the viewpoints of those during the time periods in which they lived.

4. We, the seminar/training presenters, are in no way responsible or liable for the successful application of the material or for the manner of the participant’s application or future re-presentation of the seminar material or their results.

1. I understand that all information presented is not to be construed as advice or instruction in activities or practices concerning medicine or medical treatment.

2. I understand that the presenters of the seminar/training and/or their representatives or associates are not in any way trained medical or psychological professionals.

3. Any ministry services are being rendered from a position of compassion and mercy and are not to be construed as medical treatments or as substitutions for medical treatments.

4. I understand that all ministry is offered and rendered without remuneration of any kind.

5. I understand that by presenting myself or anyone under my guardianship for ministry, that I am relinquishing and waiving all legal recourse that would or might be the end state of myself and/or anyone I present for ministry.


 All Material to Be Used By Authorized Personnel ONLY!
1. I understand and acknowledge that the physical material in this manual (binder) is and shall remain the property of the presenter and the organization they represent, and agree that all material in this manual shall be returned to the author if demanded.

2. I understand and acknowledge that no reproduction of the material in this manual (binder) is allowed without express written permission from the author of this manual.

3. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that any material and/or information in this manual or gained during the seminar or from audio/video material from the host organization, if presented to others at any time, shall be presented in it’s entirety as it is presented in this seminar, without change, adaptation, omission or addition.

4. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that prior to the presentation of this material to any other persons, groups, and/or organizations, I will contact and inform the presenting organization of my intentions in writing. If told not to present the information, I will not present it.
5. I agree to provide the host organization with an audio/video recording (in its entirety) of the material I present.

IMPORTANT NOTICE #4 Non-Medical Advice
The information presented in this manual and in the accompanying seminar is in no way intended as advice or instruction concerning the use of medicine, medical treatment, or the avoidance thereof.
Each person is responsible to investigate all methods of remedy they are contemplating.
No one has a right or responsibility to make your decision except you.
Any reference to medicine, or medical treatment is solely for historical or informational purposes.


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